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Weekly Horoscope-Date 8 to 14 march

Aries : This week there will be a possibility of getting business benefits to the people of Aries zodiac. This week, your married life will be well spent and you can get some benefit from your spouse. It will be beneficial to work in harmony with the officer class in the field.

Student class will get success in work this week. You will see improvement in health related matters. The last part of the week can be spent and part-run.

Taurus : This week the Taurus zodiac may get some new responsibilities in the field. The candidates trying for a job may get any success this week. This week will be good for money related issues. This week you can get success in work related to house or land. You can get new income routes. This week, you will get relief from health problems.

Mithun : This week Gemini people may have trouble in the initial days due to health problems, but in later days improvement is possible. This week, you can succeed in any big task on the strength of your might. Conditions in the workspace will continue to operate normally. Officers will be pleased with your work. You can visit a religious place with family. You may get some good news at the end of the week.

Cancer : This week, it will be beneficial for the Cancerians to keep pace with business partners. There is a possibility of progress in your financial situation. Do not get involved in any kind of debate with your spouse. You can get good news related to job this week through telecommunication. Work will be more for earning income this week, but you will get the benefit of money.

Leo : This week, the zodiac signs of Leo zodiac can be more diligent and running. Your ideological differences with the officer class are possible in the field. This week, any problem regarding health can bother you. So take proper care of your food and drink. This week, the spouse will have the possibility of getting the benefit of wealth. You will get benefit and support from your child.

Virgo : This week, the natives of Virgo can get some kind of benefit from the opposing side. There will be improvement in health related problems this week, yet take care of health and food. The situation will remain good in the field. This week will be a success for the student class. You can get government benefits. The last half of the week may prove beneficial for business class natives.

Libra : This week, the zodiac signs of the zodiac sign may have some problem regarding the functioning in the initial days. It will be appropriate to keep pace with the officers in the field. This week keep yourself away from futile debate. This week will be of special benefit to the students. Mid of the week can be beneficial for money. Take proper care of your food and drink this week.

Scorpio : This week the natives of this zodiac can get some good news in the context of the field. Your relations with the officer class will be stronger. This week can provide benefits for those involved in politics. You may get rest in health problems this week. There may be some problems in your married life this week. The last half of the week can be profitable.

Dhanu : This week there will be chances of getting any benefit from the fathers of Sagittarius zodiac. This week, your speech-dealing may cause disputes with family members. Your financial condition will be normal this week. Expenditure of money is possible on health related problem. Your strength will be very good this week in the field. Mother and sister may be worried about their health.

Capricorn : This week, the Capricorn people will enjoy their family life. Business people can implement a plan to start a new business this week. This week, spouse can get any benefit. This week you can get relief in health related problems. You can find some solution to the problems related to income. There may be problems with the student class.

Aquarius : This week, the natives of Aquarius can continue to run in relation to their work. Travel related to the field can benefit you. Any problem regarding health can bother you. This week, you will get the support of your spouse and you can get any benefit from them. Keep in mind that your mother should not suffer due to you. Sudden wealth can be achieved.

Pisces : This week, the people of Pisces will have chances of getting benefits from their children. This week will give you success in terms of work area. You can get success this week in the efforts being made for money gains. Students will be expected to get auspicious results this week. Government bottlenecks may be overcome this week. Your health and home environment will be good this week.

This weekly horoscope is based on your ascendant. All these horoscopes are common. It is advisable to thoroughly study the condition of the astrologer and the horoscope to arrive at any definite result.)

Ed.Sourabh Dwivedi
Ed.Sourabh Dwivedi
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