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UP Police Constable Recruitment 2018-Latest updates

Medical examination and character verification of 17327 candidates will be done from March 8 to March 31, out of the candidates selected under direct recruitment to the posts of constables in the civilian police and PAC. This process, which has been started for the second phase of basic training, will run from 9 am to 5 pm at the police lines or designated places in all 75 districts of the state.

The DIG Administration of Police Headquarters said that a total of 49568 posts were selected under direct recruitment October 2018. This includes 31360 posts of constable civil police and 18208 posts of constable PAC.

Out of all these selected candidates, 14000 candidates of Constable Civil Police were given basic training in the first phase. Now in the second phase, the process of medical examination and character verification of a total of 17327 selected candidates including 12142 men and 5185 women of Constable Civil Police is being started.

District allotted for candidates from other states
Medical examination of selected candidates of the state will be done in their home district. Districts have been decided for the medical examination and character verification proceedings of candidates whose home district is in other states. Candidates of Bihar and Jharkhand will undergo medical examination and character verification in Varanasi, Madhya Pradesh candidates Jhansi, Chhattisgarh candidates Prayagraj, Rajasthan candidates Agra, Delhi and Haryana candidates Meerut and Punjab-Himachal Pradesh-Uttarakhand candidates in Saharanpur. Apart from these states, medical examination and character verification of the candidates of other states will be done in Lucknow.

Original copies of records have to be brought

Candidates have been asked to bring certified photocopies of all the newspapers and original copies for their matching, in addition to the call letter issued by the Commissioner of Police, SSP or SP.

STF will also look to stop corruption
To maintain the sanctity and purity of the process of medical examination of the candidates, to prevent any kind of corruption and to prevent any other person (Munna Bhai) from appearing in place of a selected candidate, close monitoring will be done in all the districts. In this work, apart from the Local Notification Unit (LIU), the team of SOG and Crime Branch will be put in plain clothes. Apart from this, the STF will keep a watchful eye of the Anti-Corruption Organization and the notification headquarters.


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