Jharkhand: Process started to give 5000 incentive allowance to unemployed, apply this way


In order to support the educated unemployed, Hemant Soren government has announced to give incentive allowance through Mukhyamantri Protsahan Yojana. The process of application for this has started in Jharkhand from April 1. Under the scheme, the technically trained unemployed have to be given incentive allowance of five thousand rupees once a year.

Under this scheme of the government, the technically trained and certified unemployed from the National Skill Development Agency in Jharkhand, who are not in any employment or self-employment, will be given five thousand rupees from the Department of Labor, Planning and Training once a year.

Jharkhand: Process started to give 5000 incentive allowance to unemployed, apply this way
Jharkhand: Process started to give 5000 incentive allowance to unemployed, apply this way

The benefit of this incentive allowance will be given during the year 2021-22.

On the other hand widow, abandonment, divyang, primitive tribe will be given 50 percent additional i.e. Rs 7,500 as incentive. Various departments under the National Skill Development Agency provide skill training. The number of trainers is being collected from all the departments.

This is the application process
If you are young and do not have any employment yet, then you can take advantage of this scheme, you can apply for it. The candidates who are submitting their application for the Chief Minister’s Incentive Scheme, will have to announce the correct information through affidavit. It is very important to give only and only correct and accurate information in the application. In further investigation, if evidence of any wrong information is found on the part of the applicants, then strict action will be taken against them.

These are necessary for incentive allowance

It is mandatory for the candidate to have an account in the bank (account number)

Applicant’s bank account must be linked to Aadhaar

Applicants should have their mobile number ready

Aadhar card required for application

Candidate must possess a technical qualification certificate from a government institution

Applicants must provide their permanent address certificate, locality certificate

Applicants will be entitled to unemployment allowance only if they are local residents of Jharkhand

If the applicant is from special category, then they will have to give the certificate of widow, abandonment, primitive tribe, Divyang etc.

Job registration number required for unemployment allowance

Renewal is required when three years old

Candidates will have to give this affidavit, in which the truth of not joining any of their employment and self-employment has been proved.

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