Get more benefits by applying lady finger

Ladyfinger vegetable crop is ready in 75 to 80 days and gives yield. Ladyfinger vegetable is nutritious, full of iron, constipation destroyer and vitamin rich. Apart from domestic consumption, ladyfinger contributes more than 50 percent of total vegetable exports.

You can get good benefits by growing okra in summer and rainy season. At this time, you can earn fat profits by growing okra in the fields and getting good price in the market.

Advanced varieties of ladyfinger can be grown and yield 50 to 60 quintals per acre.

Sowing time:

Sowing of summer crop should be done in February-March and rainy season in June-July. Spring-grown okra is in high demand in the market.

Preparation of field:

Before sowing, prepare well by planting cow dung manure and plowing and rearing. At this time you can also sow lady finger saplings.

Advanced Varieties:

Whero-6, Padmini, hybrid varieties Vijay, Vishal Hybrid-7, Vishal Hybrid-8, Arka, Anamika, Pusa Velvet Bhindi’s Hissar Upgraded, P-7, Varsha, Uphaar and Pusa Sawhney Antidote and higher yield There are giving varieties. Hisar starts giving fruit 45 days after sowing improved and rain gift varieties.

Seed Quantity:

Seed rate is 15-20 kg per hectare in general, hybrid variety 6 kg per hectare, 12 to 15 kg seed per acre should be sown for spring okra. Soak the seeds in water overnight before sowing. In sowing 30 cm wide bundles, keep 10 cm distance on the sides on both sides and in the rainy season the distance of the line is 45 to 60 and the plant 30 cm from the plant.

Balanced fertilizers and fertilizers:

One bag of DAP and 20 kg of urea per acre and 25 kg of urea three weeks after sowing and 25 kg. Give fruits at the time of arrival.

Sowing cow dung 20 to 25 tons per hectare

At 60 kg per hectare sowing

Nitrogen 30 kg per hectare after 30 days of sowing

Nitrogen 30 kg per hectare 45 days after sowing

Sphur 60 kg per hectare at the time of sowing

Potash 60 kg / ha at the time of sowing

weed control :

Control weed weed for 40 days as required. 3 to 4 hinges at an interval of one week is sufficient. Do weeding after 20 to 35 days. One day before sowing, spray 400 grams of fluorcholine with 250 liters of water and spray it every acre and 3 to 4 cm. Deep raking also reduces weed control.


Weekly irrigation is recommended.


Starting 45 to 50 days later, at intervals of 2-3 days.

Yield :

About 150 quintals per hectare.

other uses :

To clean jaggery while making jaggery.


Break insect-bearing fruits and give medicines in lady’s finger and use of pesticides should be done with the advice of agricultural experts.
Pesticides break fruits before spraying, and even after spraying, when the ladyflies break, wash them properly with water or take them to the market and use safe medicines such as melathian or dichlormas for human health interest at the time of fruit harvesting.

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