Contraceptive use can be harmful after covid vaccination, know why experts said.

People across the country are taking the Corona virus vaccine (Covid Vaccine) under the Covid Vaccination Drive. At the same time, the surge in corona virus cases is also being seen once again. There have been reports of increasing cases of Covid infection (Covid-19 Cases in India) from different parts of the country since last month. In view of the increasing pace of infection, the pace of vaccination has also been increased across the country. People are also being given information on what kind of precaution (Covid vaccine aftercare) to be taken after taking the covid vaccine. At the same time, now the question is also being asked whether a person should avoid sexual activities after taking the covid vaccine?

Actually, behind this question arises there is also a proliferation of misconceptions (Myths about covid vaccine) and rumors related to the covid vaccine. Especially, there is a lot of discussion on social media that after taking the covid vaccine, sexual life is affected and the risk of infertility also increases. However, no guidelines have been given by the Union Ministry of Health regarding this so far. At the same time, health experts say that no type of contraceptive should be used after taking the second dose of covid vaccine.

Contraceptive use can be harmful after covid vaccination, know why experts said.
Contraceptive use can be harmful after covid vaccination, know why experts said.

One should not have sex for so many days after taking the vaccine

The purpose of applying Corona vaccine is to inactivate the SARS Kov2 virus that spreads Kovid-19 in the body. However, continuous research is being done about the long term effects of this vaccine and new information is coming out every day. Therefore, it cannot be said right now that having sex after applying the Kovid vaccine will affect the health of a person. This is the reason why doctors are advising to take special precautions for 2-3 weeks after taking the covid vaccine. (Sex after Covid Vaccine) Similarly, after taking the vaccine, consult any experts in this matter so that any type of health problem can be avoided.

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