About us

www.mpnews.live was founded in 2019 by SK Dwivedi to bring true and fair journalism to the masses. The headquarters of the organization are located at Hyderabad. The journey of the last few years has been very unique.

We started this organization with the resolution that news should be conveyed to citizens on the basis of facts. So that every citizen of the country is aware of political issues and can take his own decision on social issues. It is our effort to spread awareness about the problems of the society among the countrymen and strengthen the feeling of duty towards the country among the citizens.

My passion for journalism was the biggest reason for starting this institution. We believe that the most important task is to reach people with the right news and facts. Our organization assures you that only the right news reaches you without any change. 

We accurately cover MP News or Madhya Pradesh News , India News, and World News on a regular basis.


Cordially welcomes all the parties in any subject. We follow the religion of neutrality and also prominently publish rebuttals, articles or views received against published news, articles and views.

www.mpnew.live की अपनी कोई समाचार नीति नहीं है। जो भी मप्र के हित में हो, प्रकाशन हेतु स्वीकार्य है। इसकी अपनी कोई सीमाएं एवं समाचार लिखने के कोई नियम भी नहीं हैं। लोग अपनी बात जिस तरीके से प्रस्तुत करना चाहें कर सकते हैं।

We support the policy of making full use of freedom of expression. And under this we provide a common platform to the entire Madhya Pradesh so that all people can express themselves freely at one place.

Our hard work of the last few years has paid off. Today we have become famous among the citizens as a Hindi breaking news portal of India. We hope that you will like our work even further. You can connect with us through the social media channels given below.